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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day Of Wedding Planner Duties

A "same day" or "day of" coordinator will typically tell you what's included in his or her services. 

After all, you have to know what's included - not only to see if you're getting good value for the service but also to see what else you'd be responsible for.

For example, a "day of" package by a planner could include:

1. Initial meetings with the bride and groom
2. Attending the rehearsal
3. Overseeing pre-ceremony events

This can include helping the bride get dressed, ensuring the groom will arrive at the ceremony venue on time, arranging pre-ceremony photos, coordinating hair and makeup schedules, making sure bouquet and boutonnières arrive from florist, coordinating transportation to the ceremony and reception.

4. Overseeing the ceremony

This can include guest book placement, making sure programs are given to guests, ensuring the bridal party and family members have boutonnieres and bouquets where applicable, coordinating with florist to take flowers to the reception if it's at a separate location, helping with photo scheduling, and providing a bridal emergency kit.

5. Overseeing the reception

This can include supervising the vendors, providing final head counts for caterer, ensuring reception room set up is completed properly including tables, linens, cutlery, china, menus, decorations, centerpieces, setting up of cake table, guest book table, and gift table, preparing photographer and videographer for taking special photos and videos, putting wine on tables, welcoming and seating arriving and late guests, coordinating gifts and money, checking lighting, and overseeing any last minute details or emergencies.

The “day of” coordinator is also on hand to handle the unexpected including party crashers, directing traffic, arranging emergency deliveries, late arrival of key suppliers, and more.

The “day of” coordinator won’t be involved in organizing the reception events including the speeches and entertainment and activities.

That’s the task of the Wedding MC who prepares his or her agenda, including MC Speeches, well before the big day.

In its white paper, Debunking the Myth of the "Same-Day" Planner, the Wedding Industry Professionals Association indicates that a “day of” coordinator can expect to spend anywhere from 45 to 60 hours of preparation and on-location time. It also suggests newlyweds should budget from $3,000 to $6,000 for a "day of" coordinator.

Advantages of a “same day” coordinator

1. You have someone who is knowledgeable about wedding procedures and oversees the day’s events
2. Reduces stress especially for the bride and groom and their families who want to make it a memorable occasion for everyone
3. Takes the place of a full time planner if you’re planning the wedding yourself to save money
4. Possibly less expensive than a full time planner

Disadvantages of a “same day” coordinator

1. Adds cost to the overall budget especially if you’re on a tight budget (but well worth it if you find a good planner)
2. Has less involvement in the total wedding planning than a full time planner

If you're planning your own wedding and you’ve never thought of having a “day of” coordinator at your wedding, it’s something to consider to ensure your day is a perfect memory instead of an unforgettable disaster.